30 Minutes To Success – Your Daily LinkedIn Activity Plan

Being active on LinkedIn is key to your success. You can have the biggest and best network of potential clients; if you don’t do anything to get their attention as often as possible, you won’t see results.

Don’t forget the relation between time investment and ROI! As I explained this in LinkedIn Mastery: you can’t and shouldn’t spend all your time on LinkedIn, as it would become highly counterproductive.

What you should do is spend some time every day on LinkedIn and share content, interact with people, etc. To make this time really efficient you should create a daily action plan and follow it every day!

I wanted to compile a list of daily activities you should do on LinkedIn every day, but then I found this video from Julia Doherty and it summarizes your recommended daily action plan in such a great way that I decided to share it with you instead.

To quickly summarize the action plan:

  • Share some content in status updates and on your company pages
  • Keep in touch with your connections: congratulate on birthdays, new jobs, etc.
  • Like & comment on updates in your home news feed and company news feed
  • Post discussions in groups

All this shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes a day.

The video was posted in January so it’s still up-to-date with one exception: the “Top Contributors” feature for Groups was discontinued in April.

Check out the video and create your daily action plan now!

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